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Penetrating insight into four core areas:
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9Lenses Software Transforms Business Insight Discovery
( We Like to Call it “Insight as a Service” )
Insight Discovery Without 9Lenses



In most businesses, valuable insights are trapped in disconnected documents, spreadsheets, and BI tools.


Complex business problems often require months of fact finding before the root causes can be clearly identified.


Enterprises pay someone to both design and ask appropriate questions as well as cover the salaries of the employees and external experts who respond.

Insight Discovery With 9Lenses



The 9Lenses software platform consolidates all of your stakeholder’s insights in one central location.


Collect “consultant quality” data at software speed. Go from insight to action in minutes, not months.


Automate the manual data collection process and eliminate countless hours of face-to-face interviews and meetings so you can focus on high-value activities.


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( 9Lenses delivers actionable insights to companies of all sizes )
The 9Lenses Blog

Our team is constantly generating insights around people data. Topics range from social business optimization & business intelligence to employee engagement.

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We are happy to share many of our in-depth perspectives in eBook and hardcover book format so that you may optimize, improve, and excel in your own pursuits.

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