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9Lenses collects, connects, and quantifies human insights. Leaders and consultants achieve better results, faster. Employees are more engaged. Everyone wins.

Tap Your Organizational Intelligence.

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software suites for repeatable business intelligence gathering

Interview Apps for
Business Discovery

Create and protect your questions for business discovery in one location.

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interview engine for fast business intelligence gathering

Interview Engine that
Speeds Data Capture

Automatically gather employee insights and achieve consultant depth at software speed.

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structured data for business intelligence gathering

Business Logic Tier
Pre-Structures Data

Qualitative and quantitative insights are instantly structured and relevant to any business.

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presentation ready analytics for business intelligence gathering

Analytics Dashboard
Uncovers Insights

Make data-driven decisions to drive business wide optimization and strategy.

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Accelerate Insights and Improve Quality of Recommendations

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To uncover hidden capacity constraints, Hewlett-Packard (HP) deployed 9Lenses, a crowdsourced diagnostic to the entire organization and gleaned root causes from an analysis of unstructured respondent feedback.

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The leadership team that received the results said this was the most comprehensive strategy presentation on a business they’ve ever been part of. It will be the model for all regions moving forward.

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Today’s business environment is complex. To best serve your clients and stay ahead of the competition you need to look at your business from many views. 9Lenses allows you to focus on areas to take your business to the next level.

Leverage employee and customer insights to solve complex challenges in a fraction of the time that it traditionally takes.

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