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9Lenses Interview Apps enable companies to rapidly collect,
connect, and analyze employee & customer insights.


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When you’ve been a CEO as long as I have, you learn to capitalize on opportunities that will improve your business. I instantly recognized the value of 9Lenses & dove in. Perception is 100% of a reality to the person that says it. It could be totally false, but if a person believes that perception, you have to present new info. ”

Paul Farrell, CEO, Moreover Technologies

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The leadership team that received the results said this was the most comprehensive strategy presentation on a business they’ve ever been part of. It will be the model for all the regions moving forward. ”
Rob Dzoba, Cloud Large Deal Strategy, HP

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I am enthralled with the approach 9Lenses takes to focus “process improvement” initiatives and eager to gain greater insight into the analytical underpinnings of your platform. I Look forward to a rewarding partnership and broadening the 9Lenses ‘sphere of influence’ across Raytheon. ”

John Graves, VP Operations, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc.

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Diamond Mind’s use of the 9Lenses SaaS platform has provided us excellent, actionable insights into the growth of our company during this critical phase. I warmly and enthusiastically recommend 9Lenses to others in (or wishing to be in!) a rapid growth mode.”

Katherine Novikov, Founder and CEO, Diamond Mind

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With 9Lenses, leaders leverage customer & employee insights to solve complex challenges in a fraction of the time that it traditionally takes.

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