Customer Success Stories

9Lenses helps leading organizations rapidly capture and capitalize on the collective insights of their people. Watch our customer testimonial videos to learn more.

Booz Allen Addresses Employee Engagement with 9Lenses

What was most attractive about 9Lenses for us was that this was more than just a Likert scale. What was different was that people were able to say ‘Why did I rate it that way.’

Rich Jaques, Principal, Booz Allen
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IA HR Decreases Vendor Selection Time with 9Lenses

With [9lenses] we were able to essentially prove what two or three or four folks knew, but it gave the evidence to give to leadership to say “What we believed to be true has been supported by up to a hundred folks who are confirming that these are the key areas we need to be look at” and it really gave the confidence to move forward.

Chris Connolly, Managing Principal,IA-HR
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ODIN Gains Tremendous Organizational Insight with 9Lenses

At ODIN we provide visibility to our clients and internally we spend a lot of time and effort creating performance dashboards for each project; yet we never have had a lens on the health of the whole company. The 9lenses is the only application I have ever seen that leverages a company’s internal intellectual property to expose weaknesses and create real strength. The on-going information has really focused our communication, strategy and brought the whole company, in five different locations, much tighter together.

Patrick J. Sweeney II, CEO, ODIN Technologies, Inc.
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A. I. Solutions Improves Employee Engagement and Organizational Alignment with 9Lenses

As a CEO, I have tried several different models to measure my company’s overall health and provide a framework for continuous improvement. None were comprehensive enough or easily tailored for my business. The 9Lenses is helping me assess and align ALL aspects of my business. For the first time, I feel like I am implementing a framework that is comprehensive, repeatable, and will actually work for my company. The feedback from our initial assessment and application of the 9Lenses has been extremely positive. The web-tools make the implementation easy for my managers and me.

Robert Sperling, President & CEO,A.I. Solutions, Inc.
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The Knowledge Consulting Group Uses 9Lenses and Identifies Key Learning Gaps in Their Leadership Team

…The insight gained so far has been nothing short of amazing. The 9Lenses has provided us a framework to examine every aspect of our business, not a just a few. We now have a baseline of analytics within each Lens and Sub-lens that will be used to measure future progress. Most importantly, 9Lenses has uncovered communication gaps. After reviewing the results, my first thought is that it takes a certain amount of courage to assess your company from the inside-out. I now believe it would be leadership suicide not to assess the company on a regular basis. The entire 9Lenses process to achieve the deep dive analysis into KCG was straightforward and uncomplicated. There was no labor investment required. In the past, we’ve used the well-known consulting firms to analyze the company and provide us an assessment. It was intrusive and invasive on everyone in the company’s time, took far too long for results, and the amount of time KCG had to educate the consulting firm on our business was enormous. Not to mention the results were mostly what we told them versus what they analyzed and identified.

Dusty Wince, CEO,Knowledge Consulting Group, Inc.
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