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Organizational Intelligence Software for Business Leaders and Consultants [Video]

Organizational Intelligence Software

At 9Lenses, we believe that somewhere within every organization, someone knows something better than anyone else, and in order to successfully share that knowledge, that person has to be asked the right questions. The basic principle behind 9Lenses is as simple as:understand what your business needs from the people who know it best – your stakeholders.

Using our organizational intelligence software, today’s business leaders and consultants will be able to collect, connect, and quantify people insights for better business decision-making. By gathering data at scale from key stakeholders such as employees, customers, and vendors, the software uses real-time analytics to improve business processes across an entire organization.

Here’s our latest video, an overview of how businesses can use the 9Lenses Organizational Intelligence software:

In addition to using conventional surveys or face-to-face interviews, use 9Lenses to gather consultant depth insights at software speed!

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