How it Works

Streamline Your Process. Transform Your Business.

Digitize your data collection and management with 9Lenses software for consultants so that you have more time for the important business of creating and maintaining relationships.

Digitize your IP and frameworks, software for consultants

Digitize Your IP and Frameworks

Translate your critical intellectual property from spreadsheets, presentations and hard drives to a singular digital library, with permission-based accessibility that is secure and easy to deploy.

Collect More Data

With a touch of the button you can launch your engagement and start collecting both passive and active data from large populations so you can extract a deeper level of insight.

Collect more data, software for consultants
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Analyze In Real-Time

Track responses and monitor each engagement as it happens. Our dashboard gives you an intuitive, enterprise-wide view of your data, as well as infinitely sortable details and presentation-ready data visualizations.

Automate Benchmarking

Benchmark elements of your framework with every engagement and in a presentation-ready format so that you can lead with insight and add another dimension to your offering.

automate benchmarking
Content Hierarchy, software for consultants

Build Your Content Hierarchy

Utilize our content hierarchy management system to segment or connect all your data models, engagements, and responses in one place. Build on your knowledge of your customers to create a three dimensional view of the business issues you solve.