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9Lenses software is for business leaders who want to capture uncommon insights from their employees, customers, and clients. 9Lenses maps these insights to your business so that you can approach your toughest challenges with real-time and fresh perspectives in order to make confident, data-driven decisions. Explore the unique components of 9Lenses Software below to learn more.

Transform the Way You Capture Organizational Intelligence.

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Software Suites and Business Apps for Insight Discovery

Our software suites and business apps make insight discovery simple. Our data scientists have pulled from our library of thousands of proprietary diagnostics to build 70+ question sets (we call them “business apps”). These business apps automate common, yet critical business discovery projects such as: strategic planning, win/loss reviews, 360s, and team KPI pulses. We then went a step further and bundled related apps into robust software suites that comprehensively address an organization’s toughest challenges.

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Easy to Use Admin Panel

The easy to use admin panel allows session administrators to launch a business app session to any number of participants around the globe in a matter of minutes. Pick a set of questions to benchmark against or create your own unique set, select participants, and launch your session.

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Powerful Interview Engine Accelerates Data Gathering

The Interview Engine accelerates data gathering and collects insight that’s far deeper than a Likert Scale. App session participants (regardless of sample size) identify critical issues, add context, and offer input on the solution rather than just define a problem. Furthermore, employee and customer responses are pre-structured for rapid display and analysis in the Analytics Package.

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Built-in Business Logic

Traditional data gathering methods such as survey platforms or in-person interviews can generate data that is disorganized and disconnected from your business. The 9Lenses Business Logic Tier seamlessly applies structure to the insights that are captured with the Interview Engine. The result is that these insights are mapped to your business and ready for action.

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Actionable Analytics

The rich Data Analytics Dashboard leverages a powerful data taxonomy that allows business leaders to rapidly identify strengths, weaknesses, training gaps, communication gaps, and benchmark data against previous sessions and industry averages. Gut instinct and intuition have their limitations. With employee, customer, and client insights mapped to your business, you can make confident data-driven decisions on your most critical business challenges.

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Confidently Navigate Critical Business Challenges, and Generate Meaningful Enterprise Value.

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