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7 Strategic Marketing Ideas from Apple’s 9.9.14 Launch

AnonymousBy Swetha Venkataramani 7 years ago
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Apple’s 9.9.14 event is touted as one of the biggest product launch successes in recent times. From beginning with a cryptic invitation to closing the curtains with U2’s performance, the event has been widely talked about. And thanks to all the secrecy surrounding the launch; journalists, bloggers, and Apple fans the world over thrived on any information they could lay their hands on! Here are some strategic marketing ideas from the much hyped event.

Strategic Marketing Idea's from Apple's 09.09.14

Keep them guessing

Tease, drop hints and by all means go ahead and feed the rumor mills! True to its style aesthetics, Apple sent out a minimalist invitation for its iPhone 6 launch event. The “Wish We Could Say More” phrase in the invitation further whetted the tech world’s curiosity. When Apple started to construct a large white building for the event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, rumor mills started working overtime. There was much speculation and added frenzy that Apple would unveil a wearable device, since the building was constructed along the lines of New York Fashion Week’s tent.

Strategic Marketing Ideas from Apple's 09.09.14

Know your audience

When it comes to marketing strategy for product launches, there are few companies that know their audience better than Apple does. The script for the presentation and the marketing collateral are carefully created and the keynote speakers are chosen based on what’s going to work with Apple’s global audience. This apart, Apple’s guest list (the audience within the auditorium) for the launch is very deliberate too. Influential personalities from various (related) industries like Gwen Stefani (Music artist, actress & fashion designer), Will.i.Am (Music Artist and Music Entrepreneur) , Dr. Dre (Rapper and Music Entrepreneur), Stephen Fry (British broadcaster & comedian), Jimmy Iovine (Beats Chief) and Dr.Oz (TV personality & medical practitioner) were present at the launch. The auditorium also housed high profile fashion editors, tech journalists and bloggers.

Wow…and then wow some more

While Apple made sure the world waited with baited breath during the run-up to their event, the event itself was executed to wow and then wow some more. Apple not only delivered on the expected launch of the iPhone 6 but also surprised the audience with the unveiling of iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and an all new Apple Pay system!

KISS and tell

KISS, short for “Keep it simple, stupid” or “Keep it simple and straightforward” has been Apple’s guiding mantra and this clearly comes through during Apple’s hosted events. In spite of being one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Apple does not impose overwhelming technical jargon on its audience. The language used during the launch was simple enough for its wide audience and global customers to understand.

Set fire to social media

The hashtag #WishWeCouldSayMore was distinct and exciting enough to set fire to leading social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Apple Insider had a live ticker of the Wish We Could Say More event that gave web users a minute-by-minute (sometimes second-by-second!) account of what was happening in the Flint Center. Of course, it also helped when privileged invitees to the event shared their excitement on social media sites. Other popular hashtags were #AppleLive #iPhone6 and #AppleWatch to name a few.

Do it in style

Apart from the stylish looking products on display, Apple’s 9.9.14 launch event was as slick as its latest iPhone. With Tim Cook’s understated opening lines, “Great to be back in the Flint Center” and “We usually go through a few updates – I’m dispensing with those, other than to tell you, everything’s great,” to closing with U2’s live performance, Apple did it in style.

Walk the talk

Products were not just launched but guests had the opportunity to use the new products in the Hands-on Pavilion. People were made fully aware that the iPhone 6 came with 128 GB storage and that it is the thinnest iPhone ever. Subject matter experts support specific features in the products, for example, Nike supports the fitness features and Honeywell Home Kit supports home automation features in the Apple Watch. As per Apple’s performance in the stock market, Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope, stated that, “We believe Apple Inc.’s launch delivered a product set that was largely in-line with lofty expectations. We look towards the larger-screen iPhones as an important driver of improved growth in that segment, with Apple Pay and Apple Watch serving as key platform enhancements and further sources of stickiness for iOS.”

With all this and more, Apple truly exceeded expectations of the launch and will hopefully do the same with product performance too. For everybody out there reading this blog post (even if not on an Apple device), we suggest taking a leaf out of Apple’s strategic marketing guidebook and tailoring it for your business needs.

Images Courtesy:AppleInsider and Clute Computers

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