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9Lenses Insight to Action- A Social Approach to Business Optimization

AnonymousBy Edwin Miller 7 years ago
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Learn more about the 9Lenses methodology where it all began. The 9Lenses provide clarity and focus for strategic alignment by looking at nine distinct / intricately connected areas of every business. 9Lenses Insight to Action:A Social Approach to Business Optimization

9Lenses, a web-based social approach to assessing and optimizing a business, provides comprehensive insights into all areas of your organization. It empowers business leaders to use this data as a roadmap to drive improvements and help employees acquire the knowledge and skills to make business excellence sustainable. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or grow sales and customers, the Lenses provide the focus. Edwin Miller founded the company in 2011, but has been developing the 9Lenses since his first role in business in 1993.

This book is about how people, insight, content, data, and software can come together to create meaningful action for a company. It represents the first truly “end-to-end,” comprehensive framework for understanding the most important aspects of businesses, and provides a dynamic blueprint for optimizing each aspect in the context of all important factors. Through the book, Edwin Miller identifies the nine key lenses that an executive needs to account for as they build successful businesses. Edwin demonstrates that when the nine lenses align, businesses successfully accelerate to the next level.

Key Product Features:

– Locate where the greatest opportunities and risks reside for your business.
Understand how all stakeholders view your business and any gaps and congruencies.
– Empower managers to know a group, division, program, or entire business in hours, not months or years.
– Provide a path to continuous improvement of communication, system process and education for key employees.
– Build a road map for planning and execution, either independently or in concert with the Balanced Scorecard or another strategic planning framework.

Download the first chapter of Insight to Action below.

Insight to Action

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