Software For a Three-Dimensional View

9Lenses is a software platform that allows consultants to digitize their data collection and management so they can win more business and get smarter about the questions they ask and the clients they engage.

The Problem We’re Solving

At 9Lenses, we believe there’s a better way to do business than using data collected through surveys, stored in spreadsheets and on hard drives. Client data is too valuable to allow data points to get lost between engagements and your intellectual property is too important to allow it to leave your organization when employees do. Finally, by using point in time surveys that are unique to engagements, consultants are missing an opportunity to get smarter about the questions they ask and build on their knowledge of the issues they are solving.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about data science and the power of good questions. We’re convinced that using technology to improve questions and build knowledge of the issues we solve and the clients we serve can change the way businesses operate for the better.

Company Timeline

2011 – 9Lenses founded

2012 – Platform first used for virtual interviews

2013 – Series A funding by Kinetic Ventures, Rally Ventures, and CEB; moved into Sterling office

2014 – Expanded office space; affirmed focus on software for consultants

2015 – Acquired 75+ customers and a ping pong table

2016 –  Platform evolution to collaboration and automation

2017 –  Moving to new office location at Westwood Metro Tower, Tyson’s Corner

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