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September Platform Highlights – Anonymous Assessment Workflow

AnonymousBy Lydia Bode 3 years ago
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Last week we released a platform update with a new anonymous assessment workflow and several usability updates to existing features.

Some of the updates we’re most excited about include:

  1. Fully Anonymous Assessment Workflow
  2. New Segmentation Display Options
  3. Redesigned Comment Sorter

Fully Anonymous Assessment Workflow

We designed a new data collection workflow that retains the ability to save, quit, and resume assessments without capturing any PII (personally identifiable information). This workflow is fully anonymous and provides each participant with a unique code instead of capturing names or email addresses. We recommend this option for assessments on sensitive topics or with small populations.

Anonymous Assessment Workflow

Participants access the assessment through a common link and receive an auto generated unique code. If participants need to save and exit the assessment, they can re-enter their code on the common link to pick up where they left off.

Anonymous Assessment Workflow

Mobile Segmentation Display

New Segmentation Display Options

Admin users can now display important segmentation information on the top of each page of the assessment. A configuration panel lets admins select which segments to display. This functionality is ideal for scenarios where participants are responding multiple times and need a quick reminder of the details associated with each response. For example, in the screenshot to the right, a manager assesses one of multiple direct reports in a leadership 360 assessment.

Redesigned Comment Sorter

We redesigned our comment sorter workflow with simpler navigation and search settings based on customer feedback. The comment sorter helps identify themes and sentiment trends across comments by enabling users to categorize comments into tags with automated visualizations.

Comment Sorter Workflow

The updated workflow builds on this functionality with new navigation controls to more easily search across comments. A new summary display helps users quickly review the tag status of all comments in a topic.

Comment Sorter Workflow

Sorted comments automatically populate visualizations in analytics. Comments are visualized by tag within each topic to show trends, and users can click any bar to drilldown and view individual comments.

Comment Sorter Analytics

Log into the 9Lenses platform to check out these updates, or contact us at support@9Lenses.com for a more detailed demo. We’d love to hear from you!

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