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Introducing New Branching Capability for Deeper Segmentation

AnonymousBy Lydia Bode 5 years ago
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To help our customers continue to launch world-class consulting engagements, 9Lenses will be undertaking a number of product improvements in Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017. These improvements will streamline your customer experience with additional question types, flexible client facing branding, easier launch and navigation, and sophisticated data modeling for benchmarks. We’ll be writing a series of blogs with product updates to help you stay on top of these changes and quickly navigate the platform. We’ll start small and build towards the more substantive changes, picking up steam as we go. Today, we are announcing the launch of upfront segmentation and branching capability that will allow users to shorten the length of interviews for respondents while offering richer cuts of data.

What It Can Do For You

When setting up your digital interview you can branch through questions based on the segmentation selection of the participants. This way you can ensure a population set only views questions related to their previous selections allowing you to capture richer data. For example, if you are deploying an interview to multiple functional areas like IT, marketing, finance, HR and sales, you can create separate, unique questions for each functional area. This is helpful to decrease the length of your digital interview for respondents, improve response rates, and decrease abandonment rates.

How It Works

After you have created  a new interview you should first identify your segment areas. Think about multiple segments like role, function, or tenure as examples. Then create sub-segments under each, for example under role you might identify sub-segments such as Vice President, Director, Manager etc. This method works only with the participant selected segmentation added to the interview. It won’t be applicable to segmentation you’ve created in your user list prior to launch.
When your segments are added, branching occurs at the topic level. For example you may wish to create topic areas for each segment such as VP:User Experience, Director:User Experience” etc. Once the topic is created you can select the drop down menu in the top right and select “show when” and identify the appropriate segment and then sub-segment to view the question.


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