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Business Diagnostics & Enterprise Performance

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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9Lenses is founded on the assumption that there is a basic set of business diagnostics that every leader wants to understand individually, and wants everyone in his organization to understand collectively.  Precise needs vary based on the size, industry, and other attributes of a business, but the lenses, sub-lenses, and themes are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate those differences, and rich enough to allow you to dig deeper into any specific area.  In other words the meta-data stays the same, but the data is always custom tailored to suit your specific situation.A lot of executives ask me how our scoring and analytics are derived and whether they are scientifically valid.  The simple but powerful idea behind the 9Lenses is that we leverage the energy of a dynamic and reflexive social analytic process.  That is, the 9Lenses applications produce a self-correcting data flow that derives from your own company’s understanding (or misunderstanding) of itself.  There is power in numbers and trends, and it is actually quite easy to see what a sample group does know in common, what it doesn’t know in common, and what it isn’t even in the same ballpark about.  I wish I could give you some kind of infallible cosmic scorecard but down here on earth this is the best we can do.  Indeed what I’m offering is a technologically current and systematically rigorous version of the tools that successful organizations have always used.  So if it’s validity you want, look at results.  What happens to businesses that are well coordinated cross-functionally?  What happens to businesses that are flexible and adaptable to change?  And what happens to those that aren’t?

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