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Business Innovation

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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We all want to innovate. But the way we usually try to do it is not very… innovative. Perhaps we see customers buying another product. Or we see an analyst’s report that shows how our industry is evolving. The natural tendency is to get very agitated about changing the product or service line, and then try to implement these changes as fast as possible and by any means necessary. But true business innovation is a cross-functional workflow that touches on every aspect of our organization.

For example, if we want to improve the offerings, we need to sharpen our understanding of the market. We may need to look at an entirely new market or consider an existing market in an entirely new way. Alternatively we may need to change our organizational design and create new job functions. There might be a need for more financial resources for research and development; perhaps we can follow Google’s example and innovate new ways to form and raise capital. And those are just our assets (or three of the nine lenses). How can we innovate in the other six lenses – processes and structures?

Besides business innovation, there are many other cross-functional workflows that require a diligent analysis of all nine lenses, such as efficiency, differentiation, globalization, and corporate social responsibility. Each of these workflows is an opportunity to connect learning to action, and each is supported by the 9Lenses content platform and web application suite.

Our team is always looking to expand the capabilities of the 9Lenses system because we get so many great ideas from our current subscribers and participants.  So, don’t hesitate . . . drop us line and share your ideas!  info@9lenses.com

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