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Our Collaborative Culture

AnonymousBy Charlotte Blacklock 8 years ago
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An office environment can be boiled down into two primary elements:office space and office culture. If either of these are at all lacking, chances are the office environment will quickly become an irritation, a place that the workers drag themselves to every morning and eagerly leave when five o’clock rolls around. However, if an organization actively builds both a quality space and a meaningful culture, than the office can be a positive environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and value to its customers. At 9Lenses, we have achieved the latter. Our office may be near capacity and occasionally overflowing, but it certainly has plenty of character, and the people in it make up for the scarcity of desk space.

In fact, one thing 9Lenses has done very well is focused on creating a collaborative culture. By not having tall cubicles, conversation with a teammate is as easy as speaking across your desk. We have carefully selected a wide variety of personalities that know how to work together, and are very good at supporting one another. When it comes to delivering to our customers, our team knows how to delegate, focus, and works hard to exceed expectations.

And while we work hard, we also know how to balance it out with fun. On any given day in the office, you might find someone flying a miniature helicopter around or working on a laptop while engulfed in one of our enormous green bean bag chairs. With the holiday season, there’s been a constant parade of delicious baked goods circulating through our kitchen.

Last week, we gathered as a team to celebrate the holidays over lunch at an Indian restaurant. Conversations and friendly debate ranged from movie preferences to sports teams to where we would travel if we were given the opportunity, and it was great to be able to enjoy each other’s company in a non-work-related setting. The 9Lenses team will be growing a lot in the next several months, and we look forward to the new personalities that will surely add to our fun and collaborative culture!

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