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Consulting Engagement Process Improvement

AnonymousBy Jeff Mutimer 5 years ago
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Consulting Engagement Process Improvement

You requested it, we’re releasing it! The 9Lenses platform now has a streamlined consulting engagement process with guideposts along the way designed to simplify your workflow. In addition, we’re releasing a new report type that allows you to aggregate data from multiple interviews or engagements so you can build a new level of insight without the data crunching.

What It Can Do For You

Now you can quickly deploy your digital assets in an easy to use automated engagement process. Users can easily add groups or populations for data collection, schedule as many messages as needed for invitations and reminders, and schedule reports and assign data access to individuals or groups in one simple, digital location.

The new aggregate report will allow you to combine data sets from interviews or engagements without the hassle of spreadsheet work or data crunching. Instead, you can easily select the engagement you’d like to compare or a a series of engagements so you can see data trends over time. This builds on previous analytics improvements.

How it Works

Watch the video to see how you can easily create engagements and simplify your workflow.

The new analytics report can be found under “Organization” then “Analytics” and is entitled “Aggregate Report.” Here there is a drop down menu so you can easily select the engagements or interviews you would like to compare.

consulting engagement process

aggregate report

A quick tip:to establish trends in data over time, compare engagements with similar topics and data model.

consulting engagement process

new aggregate report

That’s all from our consulting engagement process improvement. As always, if you have any questions or request please contact your customer support specialist or reach us at support@9Lenses.com.


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