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Build an Organizational Hierarchy With Consulting Software

AnonymousBy Amruta Yeolekar 5 years ago
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New organization management capability is now available in the 9Lenses platform. Our consulting software update allows users to capture data across multiple practices, client teams, or offices.

What It Can Do For You

Organization management allows users to quickly organize their intellectual property and data and control who has access to each sub-organization. For example, users may wish to create unique organizations for a single client, a geographic office, or a single practice. This gives users more control over their data, while providing key stakeholders with visibility into the repository of content and data across their entire organization.

Content Hierarchy, consulting software

consulting software

This feature provides two main benefits:

  • Users can more effectively manage their content and protect their data. Organizational management allows users to restrict access to both interviews and analytics to certain groups. For example, if users want to create a sub-organization for a single client team, they can now house any interviews and analysis conducted at that company in a single view.
  • Users can organize their intellectual property and data in ways that provide a simple and clean view. For example, users can create a single organizational view for HR content that is accessible to anyone at the organization. This way any IP or analysis is in a single location even if anyone can access the sub-organization.

How it Works

Create Your Organizational Structure:Select your organization under your profile name and select “change organization.”

consulting software

consulting software

-To navigate to the sub-organization you would like, simply select the right name and select “go” in the bottom right corner.

-To add a sub-organization or make changes to those organizations select “Edit” in the upper right hand corner. Be sure the “Sub-Organizations” and “Enable” feature is selected in your master organization.

Create Branding and Unique Designs:Once in the right organization select the “organization” menu at the top and then “settings.” Here you can change the name of the organization, enable additional sub-organizations and change the logo and color pattern. To change the home page design select “edit home page” and change your background to another picture, color or MP4 video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.28.43 AM

Select Permissions and Add People:Using the navigation at the top of the platform you can select “People” and “All People” and begin adding individuals to your organization and providing the appropriate permissions and roles.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.30.31 AM

Please contact your Customer Success rep if you are interested in leveraging this capability to manage your data while using the latest 9Lenses consulting software update.

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