Improve Connectivity & Productivity

Improve digital collaboration with team members and customers by using a single location for managing your frameworks and presenting insight.

Create Traceability


Client data is siloed

Client data can get lost or get disconnected between engagements or when consultants leave the organization.


Content management

Manage your data in a central location with user hierarchy so you can appropriately restrict access and create a traceable path of your client data.

Eliminate Redundancy


Don’t recreate the wheel

Consultants duplicate work with manual survey creation, by not sharing information between teams, or by not tracking revision history.


Create a scalable model

Choose from a library of digitized consulting frameworks so you can streamline work, build on your knowledge of your questions, and know who’s making changes and when.

Present Immediately


Pivot tables are not your friend

Collating data sources to create presentations for clients is not value adding and wastes time.


Collect presentation-ready data

Improve client collaboration by presenting directly from your 9Lenses dashboard through an array of charts and graphs. Or just as easily export to any format you need, saving you time.



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