Maintain Consistency & Quality

With 9Lenses you can consistently ask better questions and maintain the quality of your insight without the errors created by collating different data sources.

Protect Your IP and Data


Your best data is somewhere—but where?

Data is stored in disparate survey tools, spreadsheets, and hard drives. In some cases, results are extrapolated and pulled away from original findings making it impossible to validate conclusions and putting client data at risk.


Everything in one place

9Lenses employs digitized frameworks ready to deploy, consistently across your organization and stores every facet of information in one place, securely and safely.

Get a Deeper Level of Insight


Surveys don’t tell you why

Today’s survey tools lack the ability to extract meaningful insights, and in-person interviews are costly and time-consuming.


The best of both worlds

9Lenses offers virtual interviews that capture both active and passive data recreating the depth of in-person interview results with fewer questions.

Ask Better Questions, Consistently


How strong are your questions?

Surveys provide quick answers but fail to provide you with the quality of the questions you ask. In-person interviews do not provide a consistent process for identifying business issues.


Causation not just correlation

We help you understand more than just participant response. Using active and passive analysis, 9Lenses helps you determine the quality of your questions and your audience’s perceptions in an easily repeatable process.




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