Win More Business

9Lenses arms practice and engagement managers with the tools to differentiate their offering, reduce discovery time, and win more business.

Lead with Insight


No hook to engage new clients

It’s often difficult to find a way into a new organization or to find the connection with your potential clients. Consequently, consultants spend too much time chasing issues that are not core to their capabilities.


Establish a point of view with data

Use the common elements of your consulting engagements to establish a benchmark and insight on the issues you solve. With 9Lenses you can lead with this insight so that you are directing clients to solutions you know best and win more business.

Add Value on Day 1


Discovery takes too long

Stop losing business due to lengthy and expensive discovery phases and compressed client timelines.


Leverage real-time data

Collect data in real time by launching engagements virtually. Start producing insights day-1 and deliver detailed, presentation-ready results right from your 9Lenses dashboard.

Create Stickiness


Relationships end with engagements

When an engagement closes your client is often moving on to the next challenge and it can be difficult to maintain the relationship for future business.


Build additional assessments

Use 9Lenses to assess feedback, diagnose issues or implementation challenges, monitor progress, and gather opinions on hot topics as an extension of the original project.


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