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Participate in our State of Consulting – Digital Transformation Interview

AnonymousBy Yogita Malik Arora 4 years ago
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According to a study conducted by Arthur D. Little, eight out of ten companies are lagging behind when it comes to digitization and are executing reactive, rather than active, digital strategies. While the vast majority of organizations agree that digital technologies are “here to stay,” the path to digital transformation remains unclear. Did you know that as many as as two-thirds of digital transformation projects fail? Our look into the State of Consulting- Digital Transformation will explore how digital is impacting the consulting industry. 

David Moschella, Research Director for CSC’s Leading Edge Forum explained in this article – Digital disruption is inevitable – but different forces in different industries mean the pace of change varies by sector. Typically, when a new disruptive model emerges, many companies dismiss it as immature and irrelevant to their industry. However, as the same technology evolves and begins to reap benefits for the organization, business leaders can’t help but take notice.


While the majority of the CIOs anticipate their businesses getting disrupted by digital sooner rather than later, few are taking the necessary steps to tackle the challenge that disruption is expected to bring along.

State of Consulting:Digital Transformation

As the business world goes digital, business models are fundamentally changing to focus more on customers. Consulting is one of the last industries to go digital, but customer expectations are quickly pushing it in that direction. Digital consulting will involve more than using tools to supplement the work the consultant can accomplish manually. Instead, firms will need to rethink their entire workflows to ensure the client remains at the center. In our last e-book, we explored the topic of digitization of consulting in depth. 

State of Consulting:Digital TransformationToday digital technologies are interlaced with every process existing within the organization. But have consulting organizations adapted to this change yet? Are they prepared to identify, prioritize, and act upon the emerging growth opportunities? It’s questions like these that prompted us to conduct an interview aimed at the management consulting industry to seek answers about their operational preparedness for this change.


Broken up into three modules, the interview is being conducted using our very own digital consulting platform. Why are we referring to this as an ‘interview’ and not a ‘survey’? It is because we believe that traditional surveys are not equipped to address the challenges that business leaders face. For one, they provide a ton of raw data that must be sorted and analyzed before its meaning can be extracted, impacting the level of depth that leaders require for making informed decisions.

The interview is scheduled to run until the end of July.


With just 10 minutes of your time, we’ll provide you with detailed results where you’ll learn –

  • Whether you are taking a digital approach to data storage and management
  • Where you stand on your path to a digital consulting process
  • What changes consultants are making to adapt to increasing digitization at their clients
  • Whether your competitors and peers are making a digital approach a priority and if so, how

Your inputs will help us compile our research in a report that will be shared with the you and other digital influencers from the industry, resulting in an enriched knowledge base we have collectively as an industry.


Click here to begin State of Consulting- Digital Transformation


Please share the survey within your social networks to encourage participation. After all, the more responses we get, the richer our analysis will be.

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We look forward to your participation!

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