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[Ebook] The Digitization of Consulting – Practice What You Consult

AnonymousBy Charlotte Blacklock 5 years ago
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While consulting firms are helping their clients go digital, many have yet to digitally transform their own practices.

The digitization of consulting is presenting opportunities to connect with clients, scale activities, and reduce redundancy and waste. To realize these benefits, consultants should transform their processes and adopt a more digital mindset.

McKinsey recently published an article that discusses how businesses that successfully move to a “digital state of mind” are doing more than creating a branch of their companies that is devoted to “being digital.” Digital, therefore, is not an appendage to an organization; it is something that drives the way the entire business operates, even if that business relies primarily on human capital. For some companies, digital transformation may mean the creation of an entirely new business model. That sort of change may be intimidating, but evidence shows us that the payoff is astronomical.

“Companies that successfully adopt digital technology don’t view it as an extra; digitization becomes central to what they are because they transform their value propositions and evolve every level of the organization so that it becomes data driven, customer obsessed, and highly agile.”

~”What Digital Really Means,” Karel Dörner and David Edelman, McKinsey & Co.

In this e-book, we bring you strategies and best practices that will help your consulting business go digital, as well as examples of firms that have successfully done so using the 9Lenses platform.

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