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The Interview Of The Month! Enterprise Contribution – How Well Does Your Organization Support You?

AnonymousBy Charlotte Blacklock 6 years ago
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For our August 2015 edition of the Interview of the Month, we are examining how the workplace environment affects an employee’s ability to perform.

With the Interview of the Month program, we invite you to use our software and answer interview questions around important topics in the business world today. After you complete the interview, you will be able to see your results in our analytics platform. At the end of the month, we will share the anonymous results and findings to help participants discover what trends exist across businesses.

According to a study by CEB, organizations need to build workforces of “enterprise contributors” in order to succeed in today’s business environment. An enterprise contributor is defined as an employee who is effective at his or her individual tasks, contributes to others’ performance, and uses others’ contributions to improve his or her own performance.

The same study reveals that 72% of employees have the desire and 64% the ability to be enterprise contributors. The problem is that workplace environment frequently gets in the way of execution. In particular, CEB’s study identifies four paradoxes that commonly occur in organizations that impede enterprise contribution.

  • The Competition Paradox:The organization expects greater cooperation among employees, but performance incentives such as raises and promotions also foster competition.
  • The Empowerment Paradox:Employees need autonomy, but they also require direction in prioritizing their activities.
  • The Collaboration Paradox:While collaboration tools and coworker input can improve quality, they can also slow execution.
  • The Motivation Paradox:Financial rewards motivate individual performance, but they can also reduce intrinsic motivation for enterprise contribution.

Our interview addresses the extent to which each paradox occurs in participants’ organizations. Human data, the data only you can provide, can help us understand more about which of these paradoxes is the most prevalent and how organizations can work to combat them.

The link below will take you to the interview. We encourage you to participate and share it with your networks through the end of the month! By completing the interview, you will gain access to the analytics, insights, and discoveries regarding the critical challenge of employee performance transformation.


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