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Enterprise Performance Software

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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9Lenses’ Cloud-Based Enterprise Performance software can discover an organization’s top strategic opportunities and challenges in less than 4 hours. In that respect, it is unparalleled. The lenses represent nine different areas that every business considers daily:Market, Finances, People, Strategy, Operations, Execution, Governance, Entity, and Expectation.

Many Enterprise Performance organizations offer tools to understand and improve performance in a single lens. The beauty of 9Lenses lies in its elegant display of interconnected actionable insights across all 9.  Through intuitive web applications, each of which sits atop a high-powered Insight Engine, 9Lenses allows business leaders to generate specific data for each lens, and then integrates analytics to show interconnections and top opportunities for strategic alignment.

Clients and partner organizations utilize 9Lense’s software to prepare for strategic off-sites, adopt mass organizational changes, make strategic investments and acquisitions, and design executive education programs around identifiable knowledge gaps.

9Lenses leads the cloud-based Enterprise Performance software industry by delivering breakthrough insight applications which capitalize on every company’s most valuable resource—its people.  9Lenses meta-structure uses socially inspired insight to optimize every area of an organization.

Organizations use 9Lenses to: 

Prepare for strategic offsites

Bring a new executive rapidly up-to-speed

Design executive education programs that addresses critical knowledge gaps

Complete comprehensive due diligence before making a strategic acquisition or investment

Digital Transformation in Consulting

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