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Why You Should Be Using An Executive Assimilation Program

AnonymousBy Swetha Venkataramani 6 years ago
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The executive assimilation program is gaining ground as companies move away from conventional onboarding and orientation programs, which are typically time-intensive, manual processes. Executive assimilation, on the other hand, goes beyond orientation and equips new leaders with the information they need to succeed in their new role. In order to make today’s executive assimilation process work,  HR leaders and decision-makers need to quickly and easily gather and leverage insights provided by their employees.

Many HR leaders and decision-makers rely on the cloud-based 9Lenses software platform to collect and analyze people insights at scale. To demonstrate the impact of executive assimilation interviews, we’ve compiled some of the participant-provided feedback about the interviews that decision-makers leverage.

Below is feedback from participants on an executive assimilation program run by a Fortune 500 company that specializes in providing information technology (IT) and professional services.

Executive Assimilation Program Feedback

  • “Helped me to clarify my thoughts around both my business knowledge and where I need to improve as well as where I can add further value to the organization”
  • “I find it really interesting as questions are summarizing all possible areas where issues could be the root cause of not being as successful as we could be in business … Our responses could help to provide a better view to leadership team in order to elaborate an appropriate action plan.”

A global advisory firm uses the 9Lenses platform internally and with customers to equip new executives with insight into organizational culture and strategic strengths/challenges.:

  • “​I like that you can supplement the quantitative answer with an explanation. Too often when I find myself putting down a number, I want to add “but….” thanks for the opportunity to do that!”
  • “I wish I had this kind of insight when I was a new leader.”
  • “Very effective. I look forward to the many changes that are necessary in order to move forward with the business.”
  • “They were very effective as it made me think about how the business is run and what are the key challenges.”
  • “The questions were in-depth and made you think. It would be good to see the next steps from these questions and where employee feedback help drive us for the long term.”

By giving participants the ability to share feedback, new business leaders and executives can better understand both how to be more successful in their new positions. The interview helps in shortening their learning curve and accelerating the time taken to gain understanding of the business and its people.

Executive Assimilation Program

The Essential Executive Assimilation Checklist

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