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Discover Diamonds:Finding Value in Data

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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Our world is dominated by data. Ones and zeros are the lifeblood of business. To succeed in business, companies must focus on finding value in data.

A 2011 McKinsey study concluded that “five new kinds of value might come from abundant data:

  1. creating transparency in organizational activities that can be used to increase efficiency;
  2. enabling more thorough analysis of employee and systems performances in ways that allow experiments and feedback;
  3. segmenting populations in order to customize actions;
  4. replacing/supporting human decision making with automated algorithms; and
  5. innovating new business models, products, and services.

Data is pervasive. Businesses spend billions of dollars per year acquiring and utilizing tools that help them collect, store, and analyze data. Unfortunately, many of these tools are limited in function and, therefore, benefit.

Many tools attempt to help businesses diagnose and remediate problem areas. Unfortunately, most are too narrow and focus on isolated domain silos. These tools could provide rich content in an single area, but lack the sort of holistic context businesses need for finding value in data.

As McKinsey rightly pointed out in their 2011 study, there is tremendous value in “abundant data.” The real challenge for businesses is to leverage that data across business silos–to connect the dots and understand the strategic impact of relevant data across the whole organization. The 9Lenses schema empowers organizations to make sense of abundant data, analyze it, and then turn that unfiltered insight into meaningful action.

Unlike the narrowly focused tools that are ubiquitous in today’s business environments, 9Lenses social discovery software applications provide a powerful assessment of all the drivers of business success:Assets, Processes, and Structure. The 9Lenses has mapped every aspect of business into a simple and powerful hierarchy providing unparalleled insight. As a result, companies can collect, analyze, and use data immediately–and they can use data not just in one business domain, but across nine areas that are key to business success. The 9Lenses application suite sits atop the advanced insight Engine architecture integrating hard statistical data with user perspective trends through four layers of logic:Interview, Score, Interpret, Recommend.

9Lenses can help you use Data to drive:


Reveal your organizations top challenges and opportunities for immediate improvement.

Targeted action plans based on unfiltered insight from employees.

Tailored to efficiently and quickly meet organization needs.


Empower employees through social transactions by giving each person in the organization a voice.

Candor and transparency are hallmarks of a healthy organization and facilitate corporate responsibility.


Streamline operations.

Crowd source business optimization.

Better Analysis (Experiments and Feedback)

A cutting edge schema that captures data and focuses analysis around nine critical areas that determine an organization’s success.


Leverage your organization’s Internal IP.

Digital Transformation in Consulting

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