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Gotcha – Overview Of The Entity Lens (Series Of 9, Part IX)

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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Let’s face it. Lawyers scare people. With their fancy suits, technical jargon, and sometimes-assertive personalities, this is not the most pleasant group of individuals in the business world. Or, maybe, the public’s perception has been distorted by the very active, very small minority of lawyers who have successfully shaped the public conscious. Regardless of perception, legal matters can be quite troubling with all the techne, jargon, and baffling grammar. (Ever try putting a contract in understandable language?) While some find legal matters unsavory, organizations still have to consider the legal implications of their business. That is where the Entity lens comes in.

This lens examines the contracts of the organization, the intellectual property of the company, and liability and risks for everyone. Since this involves legal matters, it is quite technically focused because even the slightest error could mean significant liabilities. It might seem like this is merely an attempt to trap people when they least expect it. However, diligence regarding legal matters means a massive headache avoided further down the road. This forward-looking lens seeks to prevent massive resource drains in the future.

Using social discovery in the entity lens is invaluable precisely because of the technical nature of the lens. Since everyone has access to different data, spotting errors is much easier when you have 60 people examining the problem instead of three or four.

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