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Automate Questions With Client Hierarchy Management

AnonymousBy Lydia Bode 4 years ago
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9Lenses’ latest product update includes a hierarchy management process and a number of new functionality improvements. Our customers are using this functionality for technology assessments, high performer reviews, digital transformation readiness assessments, and other change management initiatives. These updates will further automate the workflow for any assessment where consultants would like to collect insights from both employees and managers to compare and contrast those responses and allow end users to view their responses.

Today users can:

  • Define client organizational hierarchy – Upload your client’s organizational structure and user list to deliver questions unique to the level of each employee in the same digital interview.
  • Select from multiple languages – Users can now choose from 9 different languages including English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Russian in the 9Lenses menu and to enable these languages for your interview creation. 
  • Collect multiple responses for a single user Allow managers to provide data for multiple direct reports or have employees provide data for multiple business leaders without the hassle of submitting different surveys. Instead, users can provide feedback in succession in the same digital interview.  
  • Provide analytics access to individual reports – Individual reports are available for assessments so that end users can view their results in the platform.
  • Automate skip logic (without screening questions) – Map interview topics to predefined segmentation to automate which questions each segment receives.

What It Can Do For You

Using client hierarchy management to define different roles allows you to deliver different questions specific to those roles. For example, if a consultant was tasked with assessing the impact of a technology platform, they could define manager and employee roles so that each employee received questions about that technology but also questions about their manager’s proficiency with the technology.

Similarly the manager would be able to provide feedback on the technology but also rate each employee on their ability to use the technology. The manager is able to take an assessment for each employee they manage in a single digital interview. The result is that each employee is able to log-in and see their results. Each manager can see their aggregate employee reports and benchmarks.

The consultant and client IT department can see aggregate views of how the technology is performing, identify underperforming business units or managers, and surface issues or training gaps directly from end users. More importantly, the consultant spends just a few more minutes on the assessment configuration and then automates the data crunching and question type complexity of the engagement. Once the configuration is complete, consultants can run this assessment multiple times by just hitting a button. This ability is invaluable for surveying large populations in pre, post and current implementations. Consultants no longer have to configure multiple, complex surveys each time.

At 9Lenses, we have seen customers use this functionality to assess the same groups over an extended time period, adding more data and value to their clients while sustaining their margins with the efficiency that 9Lenses provides.

How it Works – Automate Questions With Client Hierarchy Management

Users must first create a sub-organization for their client engagement. Then under “settings” user can upload the client’s organizational hierarchy by downloading the template and entering information accordingly. Note, users will have to first define the relationship hierarchy using the template labeled “definition.” Then specific client names and level can be assigned using the “relationship” template. This relationship mapping can be used in a user list upload to automate skip logic for each rater.

hierarchy management screenshot

To map these segments to topics in your interview for automated skip logic, edit the topic of the interview and select “Show When:Uploaded User Segmentation.” Enter the roles or segment path that should see that topic in the interview. When you deploy this assessment to a client, the skip logic will automatically configure if the client’s user list has the same roles or segment paths.

skip logic
Allow managers to provide data for multiple direct reports or have employees provide data for multiple business leaders without the hassle of submitting different surveys. To activate this workflow, administrators can select “Allow Multiple Responses” on the participants tab of the launch wizard. Then they can upload a user list with a row for each individual’s response. Users will receive a single email invitation and can provide multiple responses in succession in the same digital interview.

multiple responses

Should you have any questions about using the hierarchy management or other new features, please contact your customer success specialist or email support@9lenses.com.

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