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How Salespeople Can Build Greater Trust With Their Audience

AnonymousBy Jarrell Chalmers 11 months ago
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How salespeople can build greater trust with their audience

If your prospects are ignoring your requests to set up calls, or not as engaging on the phone, then they probably don’t trust you. According to a new survey from HubSpot Research, only a mere 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy. Meanwhile, 49% trust doctors, 12% trust accountants, and 10% trust professional musicians.

People don’t buy from those they don’t trust. Since most people don’t trust salespeople, we thought we’d provide you with some tips on how to build greater trust and loyalty with your audience. 

Solutions build trust

People trust doctors because they know doctors can make them feel better. People trust accountants because they know accountants can help them save money. These trades all have one thing in common- they are solution providers. 

Sales people have this money hungry stigma to them. Most people think they’re just smooth talkers who use call scripts to make a quick buck. 

To avoid that stigma, sales people should emphasize the customer’s pain point during their interactions with prospects. Use an interactive assessment to give prospects in-depth insights, analysis, and recommendations into their business after having them answer 10-20 questions. This is a high value exchange as prospects share more in exchange for personalized insights into their business. 

Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

The assessment has made you a reputable source of information for the prospect. They now see that you understand their pain points and have a valid solution.  You have now positioned yourself as a thought leader, since the interactive assessment has done most of the hard work in gathering in depth insights. Congratulations, you have earned their trust.

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