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How To Incorporate An Assessment Into Your Website

AnonymousBy Jarrell Chalmers 1 year ago
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Using Interactive Assessments can help you create personalized insights into a prospects business at scale. With Interactive Assessments, you can understand what your customer wants on autopilot. A prospect answers 10 to 20 questions divided into 3 to 5 targeted categories and then receives a personalized scorecard highlighting where their organization is performing well and where they can be doing better. 

However, getting a prospect to complete this assessment can be challenging, as most people aren’t too keen on spending too much time on websites these days. It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. With this in mind, how do we incorporate an assessment into your website with this in mind? For this article, we’ll explore a number of ways to encourage prospects to fill out an Assessment. 

Engage With People Who Spend Time On Your Website 

If a prospect is spending a significant amount of time on your website, they’re basically telling you they are semi interested in your offer. A good way to answer these digital hand raises is to use pop-ups. For instance, if a person spends more than 7 seconds on your website, trigger a pop up that has a link to your assessment. Check out the pop-up we have on the 9Lenses website below for people who spend more than 7 seconds on our website. Side note, you can create this sort of pop up with Hubspot. 

Another great way to promote a pop-up is to show it to returning website visitors. These people are already semi-aware of your offer and may be easier to convert. 

Make Sure The Value Is Clear 

No one is going to fill out an assessment if the value isn’t clear. Somewhere on your website or home page, you should have a screenshot of what prospects will receive after completing an assessment. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your prospects should understand the value of your assessment as soon as they hit your website. 

Try experimenting with headlines to communicate value. For instance, we had the headline “Rate your Marketing Funnel” on our assessment. Right away, prospects know that they can score their marketing efforts through filling out one of our assessments.

Add a Primary Call To Action Button On Your Website Home Page

Wow your web visitors with a unique CTA on your home page. Most people are used to the typical “Contact Sales” or “Book Now” CTA on homepages. Instead of just asking your prospects to contact sales, why not provide them with value? By including the assessment in your website’s main CTA, you’re providing value they just didn’t expect. 

Pair Assessments With Thought Leadership and Content

Thought leadership is all of the content you put out to let your prospects know you’re an expert in your niche. For instance, podcasts, blog articles, webinars and newsletters can all be a form of thought leadership. 

As you’re spreading your wisdom to the masses, you should be encouraging them to take your Interactive Assessment. Prospects who are actively searching for resources are more willing to engage. So, if you have a resources page or thought leadership content with blog posts and whitepaper downloads, add a link to your assessment. The approach should be, “Want to know how XYZ applies to your business? Take this Assessment”. Make sure it is clear that the assessment only takes a few minutes and will deliver personalized business insights. 

Include the Assessment In Your Retargeting Campaigns

Anyone who has visited your website or engaged with your content has essentially demonstrated interest in your brand. It might be the case that people are visiting your website and engaging with your content, but not completing the assessment you’re promoting. This is due to the fact that people don’t commit to something as time intensive as an assessment right way. You must warm them up with retargeted ads and messaging. 

A great platform to retarget people who engage is Facebook. Click here for insights on how to build a retargeting campaign. 

Guest Blog 

Don’t limit your assessment promotion to just your channels. Venture the web and identify influencers within your niche. Reach out to those influencers with the intention of guest blogging and promoting the value of your assessment. 

Not sure how to go about guest blogging on relevant sites? Click here for a guide on how to do so. 

All Roads Lead Back To Your Interactive Assessment

All marketing and engagement roads should lead back to your targeted business assessment. Add a link in your email signature, a button on your monthly newsletter, in every blog and article, as an option on your Contact page form, and the destination every marketing campaign leads to. This should get your assessment on more eyes in the long run. 

Take the Assessment To See For Yourself

We invite you to complete the 9Lenses Marketing Funnel assessment, to see how well your funnel is converting leads into customers. This will give you valuable insights into your marketing capabilities while allowing you to experience an interactive assessment. After completing the assessment you will immediately be emailed your personalized scorecard. 

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