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Hubspot’s Website Grader:#1 Interactive Assessment of All time

AnonymousBy Tom Hessen 1 year ago
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We at 9Lenses can appreciate other’s greatness which is why we believe HubSpot’s Website Grader is the #1 interactive assessment of all time!

If you are not familiar with Hubspot’s Website Grader, it is an free online assessment that helped propel the company from a tiny startup with 3 people to a public company! That is why it is #1 on our list! In the book Traction, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares share that Website Grader produces fifty thousand leads a month. Wow that is a lot!

Here is how it works:A user enters their website URL and email address and the Grader instantly goes to the website to assess how it is performing and how it can be improved. The current version of the tool assesses SEO, performance, mobile, and security.

Why is this interactive assessment so successful? There are several reasons:

  1. Valuable—This is the most important reason! Every marketer on the planet understands their website is core to attracting customers so understanding how to improve their website is always top of mind. Prospects have to see value in the problem the assessment is addressing for anyone to want to take it! The results have to be meaningful, helpful, and actionable.
  2. Easy—Since Website Grader is evaluating websites this can be done with technology and not rely on people answering questions. This minimizes the work from the prospect and reduces friction. Prospects only need to enter their website URL and their email address. Easy!
  3. Requires Only Public Data—Websites are public so Website Grader doesn’t require any non-public data to provide their assessment results. Most B2B companies sell solutions that live behind the company’s firewall (ex. Billing Software, CRM Software, IT services, etc.) so data about the business must be provided by the prospect. Interactive assessments must balance asking questions about your business but not asking too much.

Only 1 assessment can be #1 on our list but every B2B company selling complex solutions can greatly benefit from using interactive assessments to engage prospects and turn them into customers.

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