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I-O Psychology Professionals Identify Assessment Technology Needs at PTCMW Fall Event

AnonymousBy 9Lenses Marketing 3 years ago
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More than 100 I-O psychologists and industry professionals met in Washington, DC on November 5th at the PTCMW fall event, “Cutting Edge Technology:Transforming the World of Work and I/O Psychology as We Know It.” Featured speakers shared insights on talent management and data trends, and the future of work. 9Lenses took the opportunity to survey attendees on their assessment technology needs related to assessment administration.

Panel of Talent Management Thought Leaders Discuss the Future of Work

Liberty Munson, Ph.D., Principal Psychometrician for Microsoft’s Worldwide Learning organization, spoke about the changing nature of work, talent management trends, and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and wearables (internet of things – IOT) on assessments. She suggested that in the future, assessments could include a combination of virtual reality and more traditional exams, and that wearables could improve employee safety by conducting assessments without people even knowing it.

David Dorsey, Ph.D., Vice President at the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), focused his remarks on how I-O professionals must be good data stewards because the core needs of the job are ingesting, organizing and making data useful. He said there will always be a need for people who know how to apply the sample to the population, how to relate the control to the treatment, and how to measure observed and latent variables.

Seymour Adler, Ph.D., a Partner in the Performance, Reward, and Talent practice at Aon, imagined the future of work. He talked about how technologies like machine learning and smartdust create the fear that service jobs will go away, but that ultimately, concerns of mass displacement are unfounded, and that the integration of AI can create new and engaging jobs.

9Lenses Surveys I-O Professionals on Technology Trends

9Lenses conducted a brief survey at the event. In response to a question about what types of assessments they typically administer, more than half of the public and private sector I-O professionals indicated they perform selection assessments and competency or skills assessments. Private sector professionals also identified certification and licensure tests among the top three types of assessments they administer.

When asked about the source of content for assessments, 68% of respondents who administer selection or competency assessments indicated that they exclusively use in-house, proprietary content. Less than 13% indicated they use third-party or off-the-shelf content for selection or competency assessments.

Attendees were asked about what they felt were the top technology challenges related to administering assessments. The top pain point of respondents was the ability to provide an easy and digital experience for administrators and end users. Budgetary constraints and keeping data secure were also identified as key challenges.

Finally, attendees were asked about where automation or assessment technology would have the greatest impact on their work. I-O professionals surveyed indicated that technology would have the biggest impact on data collection (59%), data analysis/scoring (47%), and data visualization/presentation (41%).

9Lenses was pleased to be a Silver Sponsor for this informative and engaging program, and share more about our talent management technology platform.

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