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July Product Highlights – New Data Exports and Usability Updates

AnonymousBy Lydia Bode 3 years ago
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This week we released a platform update focused on workflow automation and usability enhancements. The features in this release were heavily influenced by customer feedback, and we appreciate your continued feedback as we continue to enhance our assessment platform!

Some of the updates we’re most excited about include:

  1. New Question Type for Numeric Input
  2. Redesigned Raw Data Export
  3. Automated Participation Status Updates
  4. Engagement Management Updates

New Question Type – Numeric Input Matrix

This new question type builds off of the existing numeric input question to offer more layout and configuration options. The matrix layout enables users to capture large amounts of numeric data more efficiently. We recommend this question type for benchmarking assessments or assessments capturing financial data.

Different validation rules can be applied for each column in the matrix to ensure higher data quality. For example, a column capturing % ROI could require a smaller numeric range, while a column capturing FTE data would require larger, positive numbers. By default, the validation settings allow a large range of positive numbers.

Redesigned Raw Data Export

We designed a new Participant Responses export to display raw data in a simpler, easy-to-digest format. This format was heavily influenced by customer feedback and is intended to be easily digestible by users, even if they are not familiar with excel or the platform’s analytics. The All Data export will still be available for those who prefer the original format.

Data Export

The Participant Responses Export contains data for completed and partial responses on separate tabs. Each participant’s responses are listed in one row and responses display in the same order as questions in the assessment. If the engagement is anonymous, a randomized participant ID will display instead of the participant name.

Automated Participation Status Updates

New functionality to automate participation status updates makes it easier to monitor participation. Admin users can download a Participation Status export at any time to see the latest participation status, or schedule automated email updates for internal stakeholders or client teams. We recommend scheduling participation status updates as a best practice, especially for projects where multiple stakeholders are involved.

Participation Workflow Automation

Admin users can schedule automated participation status updates on the Participation Update tab of the engagement, as shown above.

Participation Workflow Automation

Recipients will receive participation update emails with a summary of the engagement’s participation rate and an optional export with participation details. This export includes participation status for each user, along with start/completion timestamps and segmentation information.

We recommend leveraging this export to monitor participation by region or other key segments and to customize segment-specific reminders for groups with lower participation.

Engagement Management Updates

This platform update includes several other usability updates for greater workflow automation, including: 

  • The ability to add additional sub-segments after engagements are launched
  • The ability to force submit partial responses so they display in analytics dashboards
  • Enhanced admin functionality to manage individual responses for engagements with multiple perspectives
  • Updated data export to more easily differentiate responses when one participant responds multiple times

Take a moment to log into the 9Lenses platform to check out these updates! For more information on these enhancements or to share feedback, please contact your primary 9Lenses support point of contact or email us at support@9lenses.com.

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