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Fortune 20 Company Digitally Revamps Leadership Assessment

AnonymousBy Jeff Mutimer 4 years ago
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This case study highlights the digital transformation of the 360 leadership assessment at a Fortune 20 company.

A new CLO used 9Lenses to transform and expand the company’s leadership assessment.

A Fortune 20 company started their relationship with 9Lenses for an executive assimilation program to help its new leaders onboard effectively. The program used the 9Lenses platform to digitally interview new leaders’ direct reports. Through the interview, new leaders could quickly learn about key metrics in their departments. The interview enabled the new leaders to better understand the effectiveness of their immediate teams. Moreover, they could make informed decisions from day one.

Leadership Assessment ResultsHowever, a Chief Learning Officer was promoted to this segment of the company, learned about the executive assimilation program on 9Lenses. and decided to expand the company’s use cases. He immediately saw its value in quickly helping leaders to make better, informed decisions, and he decided the program should be expanded and replicated to create a Leadership Development Assessment, on the 9Lenses platform, to make sure they were upholding the company’s leadership principles.

Before 9Lenses, the company had no scalable means of assessing leadership.

Before using 9Lenses, the company was unable to implement regular leadership assessments because they did not have a scalable way to do so. Previously, the company used an outside consultant to perform a leadership 360. The process had a high cost per lead that took roughly 16 weeks. During this time, the consultant would collect data from 8-10 peers or direct reports of the leader, analyze the data, and return a report to the leader identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement.

In addition to being costly and time-consuming, this traditional leadership assessment process was not scalable across the organization. For every leader who wanted an assessment, the company would have to re-create the entire process. As a result, the company had no history of data to use for benchmarking and measuring progress. This lack of data gave them an unclear picture of leadership effectiveness.

9Lenses enabled the company to build its own custom 360 leadership development assessment

9Lenses enables companies use their own IP to build their digital assessments. As a result, the company built a leadership assessment customized to its unique needs, using their own leadership principles as the basis of the assessment. The resulting analytics identified the challenges and strengths for the leader running the assessment. The digital interview process took only 15 days, reducing the time to results by 63%.

Leadership assessment Chart

Because the interview lived in the 9Lenses platform and leaders could deploy it at any time, the company created a repeatable asset that could provide continuous value to its leaders. The company also customized the assessment entirely to its own standards. The look and feel of the interview remained consistent with the company’s brand standards. Additionally, the company built its analysis around its own unique leadership standards. They created a customized algorithm to identify top strengths and challenges. Finally, the company created tailored analytic views and custom reports. The platform automatically sent these reports out to different leaders according to their level in the organization.

9Lenses provided a scalable solution for leadership assessment and benchmarking.

By building a leadership assessment interview on the 9Lenses platform, the company was able to build a large-scale leadership assessment solution that could be rolled out across the entire organization with little additional effort. Leaders were able to run the assessment on-demand, enabling them to start building a data archive that they could use to benchmark future data and show progress.

To date, over 100 leaders have run the leadership development assessment over a period of six months. In all, they have collected over 24,000 data points from across the entire organization. The leadership development assessment is just one use case of the 9Lenses platform that consultants and corporations use alike.

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