Automate your
Legal & Compliance Assessments.

Diversity & Inclusion Assessments

Workplaces need to be welcoming and inclusive so all employees can do their best work. 9Lenses can power diversity & inclusion assessments that will identify risks and opportunities to improve.

Culture Assessments

Culture is defined as the attitude and beliefs shared by an organization. 9Lenses can power culture assessments that provide the insights needed to turn culture into a competitive advantage.

Data Security & Privacy Assessments

Data privacy and security is at the top of the agenda for every board and leadership team. 9Lenses can power security assessments that identify risks in behaviors, processes, and systems.

Internal Audit Assessments

Internal audit teams investigate various business functions and processes each year, typically with manual and non-scalable methods. 9Lenses can help digitize automate this analysis to enable audit teams to do more with the same team.


Businesses must assess the risk to organizational operations, organizational assets, and individuals. 9Lenses can help digitize and and power cyber risk assessments to empower teams with the insights needed for cyber risk compliance.


Digital Transformation

See how 9Lenses helped a top tier consulting firm digitize their operations so that they could differentiate their offering and win new business.

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People Analytics

Practice What You Consult

Learn how embracing a digital consulting approach drives the way the entire business operates, even if that business relies primarily on human capital.

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Asset-Based Consulting Ebook

Productize Your Consulting

Learn how asset-based consulting can help your firm differentiate from competition, increase speed and ROI, and achieve better consistency and repeatability.

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