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March Platform Highlights – Redesigned Interface and New Assessment Workflows

AnonymousBy Lydia Bode 4 years ago
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This week we released our largest platform update to date, with a completely redesigned assessment interface and significant performance and usability updates. This release completes the transition to our next gen platform and sets the stage for a number of new assessment workflows in Spring/Summer 2018.

We’ve highlighted the key updates below, but encourage you to log into the 9Lenses platform to check out your assessments in the new interface! If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to your primary support point of contact.

The major updates in this release include:

  1. Redesigned User Interface
  2. Mobile Display Optimization
  3. Multimedia Content
  4. Foreign Language Support Enhancements
  5. Greater Control of Assessment Configuration
  6. New File Upload Workflow

Redesigned User Interface

UI for assessment workflowsThe redesigned user interface has a modern look and feel and incorporates more color into the assessment to reinforce your branding.

The new interface also gives users more control over the design of their assessment, with options to show/hide numbers on scale questions and available hover tooltips on all question types.

A new “text” module enables users to add a block of instruction text at any point in their assessment. We also increased several character limits and made previously static text editable to accommodate more customization.

In addition to design updates, the new interface features significant performance enhancements. These improvements will be particularly noticeable for large engagements where many participants are completing at the same time.


Mobile Design Optimization

assessment workflows

The new interface features several optimizations for mobile devices and tablets. We improved the responsiveness across the assessment interface to optimize the mobile landscape experience. The size of the clickable elements on common question types like matrix scales and forced ranking have also been increased to make it easier for respondents to quickly select answers on a mobile device.

Multimedia Content

assessment workflowsThis release includes support for audio, video, and image files on any page of the assessment. You can also upload files for participants to download. Simply add the multimedia content like you would any other question type, or ask your 9Lenses Customer Success point of contact for assistance.

Multimedia content provides new opportunities to engage your audience. We recommend multimedia content for lengthy assessments (add information images on section breaks or key transition points) or projects with complex workflows (provide video instructions or embed screenshots).

Embedding multimedia content can also reinforce your brand. Examples of uses include assessment overview videos on the introduction page or embedding a high level report as a leave-behind deliverable at the end of the assessment.


Foreign Language Support Enhancements

We redesigned the workflow for configuring assessment translations based on customer feedback and included new foreign language support in this release. The assessment builder features a new “Translations” tab with a side-by-side editor where users can enter translations. Translations can now be enabled / disabled in the launch wizard, removing the need to have different versions without translations.

assessment workflows

Translations Manager in the Assessment Builder

If an assessment has translations available, participants will see a dropdown selection of available languages on each page of the assessment. Participants can change languages at any point while completing their submission.

Greater Control of Assessment Configuration

As part of our redesign, we made several usability updates to give admin users and client teams more configuration options. These updates include increased character limits, reduced static text, and greater control over the look and feel.

The new assessment builder lets admin users configure these design settings at the template level, simplifying the launch process. This design is ideal for assessments that are launched multiple times with only minor changes in content.

assessment workflows

Configure common link, introduction, and submission pages with your preferred settings at the assessment level to avoid re-work when launching. Settings can still be changed in the launch wizard to accommodate any client-specific changes.

New File Upload Workflow

The new file upload workflow helps capture more data-points from participants. A new “File” question type allows participants to submit one or multiple files up to 25 MB. Example use cases include asking participants to upload sample deliverables or process overviews in maturity models or collecting resumes for talent-based assessments.

assessment workflows

Assessments using this file upload workflow will see a new option in the analytics to download all attachments. This download includes a mapping file tying each attachment to the participant and corresponding question in the assessment.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact your primary 9Lenses support point of contact or email us at support@9lenses.com.

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