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Independent Consultants To Benefit From New Partnership With Mentors Guild

9Lenses is pleased to announce a partnership with Mentors Guild, a unique consulting marketplace that provides on-demand expertise for agile organizations.

Speaking about the new strategic partnership, Edwin Miller, CEO and Founder, 9Lenses, stated that “We are excited about this partnership with Mentors Guild and have no doubt that this will open the doors to more boutique consultancies and independent consultants using 9Lenses in creative ways to drive high-value client engagements.”

Mentors Guild is a business consulting marketplace with over 8,000 vetted US-based coaches and consultants. Unlike traditional consulting firms, it works with growing businesses, typically between $5 million and $100 million in annual revenues, to give them anytime access to relevant expertise. Mentors Guild had been looking for tools to enable its member consultants to isolate the key problems in a client organization and to shorten the learning curve on a new project.

“Our clients come to us to solve their problems, which sometimes can be very different from what they think the actual problem is. We have seen this time and again in a majority of over 500 projects we have worked on. We needed a tool to help our consultants quickly identify the “true” root causes of their problems,” stated Iqbal Ashraf, CEO of Mentors Guild.

“While large consulting firms often create frameworks of their best practices, there is little to nothing available for independent consultants. After a long search for a solution to this issue, we have finally decided to partner with 9Lenses,” added Iqbal Ashraf. “9Lenses provides the flexibility to accommodate different project methodologies consultants use, and yet it gives us the power to scale the best approaches to solving real business problems.”

“Independent consultants need access to the right tools to compete against the bigger firms to win more business,” stated Carrie Griffin, VP Strategic Partnerships at 9Lenses. According to Carrie, “the partnership between 9Lenses and Mentors Guild is an incredible opportunity to support independent consultants and to provide this tech-savvy group of individuals with the tools they need to be efficient, competitive, and professional.”

Through this partnership, Regular members of Mentors Guild will enjoy 10% off their 9Lenses subscription, while Premium members will receive a 20% off their 9Lenses subscription. Click here to find out more.

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