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Join us at the Chief Learning Officer Exchange, San Diego

Meet with 9Lenses at the Chief Learning Officer Exchange on December 7th & 9th, 2014 in Coronado, San Diego, California. The Chief Learning Officer Exchange will focus on how organizational learning and development (L&D) plays a key role in attracting and retaining talent. The Exchange will facilitate peer-to-peer learning among senior level executives of Fortune 500 organizations such as Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), Heads of Leadership Development, and other executives responsible for talent management.

Ed Cohen, Chief Technology Officer and John Daut, Chief Revenue Officer, 9Lenses will be facilitating a Roundtable discussion on Running Learning & Training Like a High Performance Business at 8:45 AM on Monday December 8th.

Having been in the learning and development industry himself, Ed stated, “It is going to be fun sharing my thoughts on organizational intelligence with senior executives from the Learning space. It has been three long years since I spoke with CLOs – I look forward to interacting with them and gaining fresh insights.”

Commenting about the event and the roundtable discussion, John stated, “Today, companies are increasingly focusing on organizational level L&D in order to attract and retain top notch employees. I look forward to gaining insights from other industry leaders about L&D, while also sharing 9Lenses’ expertise in in helping companies identify gaps in training and development in their organization through strategic listening.”

9Lenses for CLOs:

The Internet generation of CLOs instantly collects and connects insights from geographically distributed and organizationally complex teams. They spend training dollars smartly, with zero guesswork on who needs training where—by role, region, tenure, or individual—using crowdsourced learning techniques and self-service analytics. Fundamentally, 9Lenses provides “Insight-as-a-Service” to the vanguard of CLOs and to increase the confidence and speed of traditional approaches to learning and development, such as ‘management by walking around.’

The 9Lenses software platform empowers Fortune 500 Chief Learning Officers to uncover consulting-level insights at software speed. By rapidly collecting and connecting employee insights, 9Lenses drives clarity so that CLOs can make confident and data-driven decisions on strategy, learning, and development initiatives.

About 9Lenses’ Roundtable Discussion:

Running Learning & Training Like a High Performance Business
In a post-recession environment, where many organizations are rebuilding their L&D capabilities, or rolling out new training tools and software, there has never been a greater emphasis on ensuring that investments in learning architecture drives real commercial impact. The construction of the function, and selection of the right L&D solutions, is critical to driving these outcomes and to helping your company achieve a competitive edge. This roundtable will provide examples of how leading F500 organizations are rethinking L&D and managing, training, and retaining talent with unprecedented efficiency and scale as well as:tips to consider when creating or augmenting your L&D architecture, how to leverage engagement for your employee L&D plans, and how to drive improved effectiveness and efficiency of L&D.

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