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Join us at the Innovation Enterprise Chief Innovation Officer Summit!

Meet with 9Lenses at the Innovation Enterprise’s Chief Innovation Officer Summit on October 16 & 17, 2014, in London. The Chief Innovation Officer Summit brings together nearly 200 innovation leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. The event will host 20+ Industry expert keynote presentations as well as interactive panels with thought leaders. The Summit will discuss real solutions to today’s biggest innovation challenges.

9Lenses CEO Edwin Miller will be presenting a talk titled, “Transforming The Way You Discover Organizational Insights”, at 11:30 AM on October 16th. Commenting about his excitement for the event, Edwin stated, “It feels great to be presenting at Innovation Enterprise’s Summit for the second time this year. I had a great time on and off-stage at IE’s Chief Strategy Officer Conference. Helping companies leverage the power of their human insights is my passion, so I look forward to sharing my views and also seeing how industry leaders react to them.”

Also in attendance will be Nathan Hall, a 9Lenses Product Manager & Data Scientist. Commenting on the conference, Nathan said, “I am looking forward to seeing the solutions creative innovators are using for todays most difficult problems. I am also excited to see how 9Lenses can help these leaders find the right ideas and people from within their company to drive growth and innovation.”

Description of Edwin’s Presentation:

Incite Discovery through scaled insight discovery. Edwin advocates for an automation of the middle-management layer of a business so that machine learning can more rapidly connect all the complexities of a business. In this challenge to the Lean Startup method, Edwin will paint a different vision for the enterprise. He will share stories of how cutting edge enterprises are tapping into their best consultants—their people—in a scalable way. Really, how deadly is complexity to an enterprise? Turns out, maybe not at all.

More information about 9Lenses’ presentation can be found here.



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