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Meet us at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit NYC

Meet with 9Lenses at the Innovation Enterprise’s Chief Innovation Officer Summit on December 2nd & 3rd, 2014 in New York City. The Chief Innovation Officer Summit brings together over 250 innovative business pioneers from the around the world. The event will host 30+ industry expert keynote presentations as well as interactive panels with thought leaders. The Summit will highlight innovations to reinvigorate today’s businesses with fresh ideas and discover how to deliver breakthrough results!

Edwin Miller, CEO of 9Lenses will be co-presenting with Jerry Overton, Head of Advanced Analytics Research in CSC’s ResearchNetwork and founder of CSC’s FutureTense competency. Edwin and Jerry will present on, “Transforming The Way You Discover Organizational Insights”, at 3:30 PM on December 2nd. Commenting about his excitement for the event, Edwin stated, “I am eager to share my ideas and absorb a whole bunch of new ones from my fellow innovation leaders at the Summit. I especially look forward to being able to share the stage with Jerry. Together we hope to show how combining the power of human insights with analytics can drive bolder innovations and better business decision-making.”

Also in attendance from the 9Lenses team will be John Daut (Chief Revenue Officer), Tom Hessen (VP of Sales), and Patrick Merfert (Product Marketing Manager). “The Chief Innovation Officer Summit represents an exciting opportunity to interact with notable leaders and shapers of corporate innovation. I am most interested to learn how executives are applying innovation frameworks and tools in the context of navigating complexity and shifting industry landscapes,” adds Patrick.

Attendees will be able to meet members from 9Lenses at Booth #4.

Description of 9Lenses Presentation:

Incite Discovery through scaled insight discovery. Edwin advocates for an automation of the middle-management layer of a business so that machine learning can more rapidly connect all the complexities of a business. In this challenge to the Lean Startup method, Edwin will paint a different vision for the enterprise. He will share stories of how cutting edge enterprises are tapping into their best consultants—their people—in a scalable way. Really, how deadly is complexity to an enterprise? Turns out, maybe not at all. More information about 9Lenses’ presentation can be found here.

About Our Guest Presenter Jerry Overton

Jerry Overton
Jerry Overton is Head of Advanced Analytics Research in CSC’s ResearchNetwork and founder of CSC’s FutureTense competency, which includes the Predictive Modeling Research Group, Advanced Analytics Lab, and Predictive Modeling School. Under FutureTense, Jerry has established big-data-driven decision making as a foundation of CSC research. Recently, he used predictive modeling to discover insights for CSC’s 2013 CIO Barometer Report.

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