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Just Released:Our New Comment Sorting Feature!

We at 9Lenses are committed to the mission of providing deeper, actionable insights and collaborative scale in order to solve organizational challenges. It is this commitment that drove us to work relentlessly on releasing a powerful new product feature. It gives us, Team 9Lenses, great pride to introduce our new Comment Sorting feature. But before moving ahead to discuss Comment Sorting in detail, let me give you a bit of background.

Our customers, who are largely consultants and other problem solvers, use 9Lenses to overcome three main challenges that have plagued them:

  • Collection and organization of data

9Lenses facilitates effective collection, organization, and storage of stakeholder intelligence, allowing for easy collaboration.

  • Time

Today’s business market and competitors move much more quickly than they did in the past, meaning business leaders need time to insight to be faster and more quickly verifiable. Using real-time analytics, 9Lenses has successfully accelerated the time taken to understand scope of projects and process insights.

  • Organizational IP

9Lenses makes your proprietary frameworks actionable while protecting your IP.

By capturing the stakeholder or employee voice, 9Lenses helps consultants and executives leverage their insights. The most powerful of these insights are the stakeholder comments and anecdotes. Our new Comment Sorting feature ensures that our customers can now reduce the time and resources involved in filtering through comments. With the new Comment Sorting, users will be able to get to those insights faster and with more certainty.

The Comment Sorting feature gives our customers powerful accuracy and the speed of software to easily accomplish tasks such as sentiment and text analysis, quantifying themes in comment data, and much more. Deep sentiment analysis, for instance, has a huge impact for our customers, if you consider that most sentiment analysis programs have significantly lower accuracy rates than humans. People, however, are expected to achieve over 90 percent accuracy in gauging sentiment behind survey comments.

Commenting on the release, my colleague  Jeff Mutimer, Vice President of Marketing at 9Lenses, stated that  “Through the 9Lenses platform, our customers provided insight into the potential to streamline survey analysis. In this case, we found that text and comment analysis were particularly cumbersome, requiring multiple tools. The new comment sorting technology is a result of the collaborative partnership we have with our customers to innovate around their objectives, sourced from the intelligence our product provides.”

The benefits of the 9Lenses Comment Sorting technology are three-pronged to allow users to get the best out of their text analysis. The 9Lenses Comment Sorting technology helps with:

  • The quick collation of comments that helps customers save time and gives them the ability to apply custom tags to comments, immediately displaying results in chart form.
  • Creating an online workspace for your analysis team to better manage comment analysis by assigning comments to specified reviewers, extracting relevant insights, and sharing results.
  • Quantifying qualitative insights by the identification of trends, while also giving the customer the ability to present key findings faster and more easily.

I would like to end with our CEO and Founder, Edwin Miller’s comment about the Comment Sorting feature and what is to come – “Our customers use our platform to gather rich insights to allow them to improve their own or their clients’ businesses. Likewise, the team at 9Lenses is committed to continuously improving our product and process based on our customers’ insights gathered through our virtual interviews. The new functionality within our software is just one of the several exciting features that we plan to release. 9Lenses will soon release a seamless Tableau integration for our customers.”

For more information about the new 9Lenses Comment Sorting feature, click here.


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