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NVTC Hottest Startup Award Nomination

For the third year in a row, the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) has nominated 9Lenses for a Hot Ticket Award, this year for the category of Hottest Startup Award. Held on June 24, 2014, the NVTC Hot Ticket Awards will celebrate the efforts of companies and individuals in the tech community who have exhibited “great vision, [impressive implementation], innovative management approach, or star-quality charisma.”

Founded in 2011 by four-time CEO Edwin Miller, 9Lenses is an enterprise SaaS platform in the vanguard of organizational intelligence technology. 9Lenses enables leaders and consultants alike to rapidly gather, analyze and act upon the insights of their employees, customers, and key stakeholders. 9Lenses fast-growing customer set includes the Global 250 and leading management and strategy consulting firms.

“If you are trying to figure out really complex B2B processes or business transformations you typically have to involve hundreds or thousands stakeholders. It’s simply not practical or economical to interview them all. If you rely on the old technique of running a survey, dumping that data into an unstructured flat file, then into a BI tool, and finally into a PowerPoint presentation…it may take months to gain meaning from the data. 9Lenses in about 37 minutes enables companies to crowdsource insights from 10,000 or even 100,000 people and helps leaders and consultants understand the trends, deviations, etc. really rapidly.” – Edwin Miller

Previous posts on 9Lenses’ nominations for the NVTC Hot Ticket Awards can be found here:2013 nomination and here 2012 nomination.

Robyn Showers was a guest contributor on this post.


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