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The Chief Strategy Officer Summit San Francisco – Recap [Video + SlideShare]

Last week, Isaiah McPeak, VP of Product Design at 9Lenses, presented at the Innovation Enterprise’s Chief Strategy Officer Summit, San Francisco.

Isaiah’s presentation, titled “When Everyone Talks At Once, But Leaders Still Know What To Do,” addressed the need for strategy leaders today to hear communications coming from every part of a business but still know how to act on them. Isaiah compared a business to a war zone, in which it is the Chief Strategy Officer’s job to act as the general, gathering signals from every part of the business “war zone” in order to make informed decisions. In order to understand these signals and effectively act on them, the Chief Strategy Officer needs to gather all the communications in a way that is fast, structured, and translated. Case studies show that today’s technology can allow for that type of communication through teamsourcing.

View Isaiah’s presentation here:

To see the full video of Isaiah’s presentation, click below:

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