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“Why Nine Lenses?” CEO Edwin Miller Shares with MAVA

On June 5-6, 9LENSES’ Founder and CEO, Edwin Miller, spoke at the Capital Connection conference in Washington DC.  In this 4-minute overview, Edwin succinctly describes the 9LENSES market opportunity and answers the question “Why 9LENSES?”

Capital Connection™, a MAVA premier event, is designed for seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and investors at all stages to come together under one roof to expand their innovations, create industry connections, or grow their enterprise. It is one of the nation’s most respected industry conferences with more than 800 attendees each year who share a common goal of enhancing our technological ecosystem.”

[infobox title=”Data-mine Your People:” button_href=”https://www.9lenses.com/demo-9lenses” button_text=”Show Me 9Lenses”]9L gathers insight from your people… in minutes not months … that are connected not siloed … so you can make data not gut-driven decisions. [/infobox]


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