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9Lenses Product Highlights – New Analytics Visualizations

AnonymousBy Dallas McClain 2 years ago
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One of the best ways to improve your software is to listen to your customers’ requests and feedback. At 9Lenses we take time to evaluate the current state of the platform and make updates that would provide our customers with a great platform experience. In our latest platform release, we included several new updates that can be found below:

  • Numeric Input analytics visualizations (standard and matrix)
  • Maturity model analytics visualizations  (current / future and freeform)
  • Required responses are missing notifications UI update 
  • Analytics performance optimization

Numeric Input visualizations

Numeric input questions are critical for assessments based on gathering project financials or project planning. The new visualizations pictured below will help provide additional ways to visualize and analyze these responses and prepare any deliverables.

The following charts can be found in the Q&A standard report:

  • Bar Chart
  • Box Plot (pictured below)
  • Distribution Chart
  • Table View (pictured below)

Additional Maturity Model visualizations 

Many of our clients build Maturity assessments. The extended visualization capabilities provide benefits including maturity scale charts and table options found in the Question & Answer report of our standard analytics. The table format will give them a quick understanding of the gap between current and future state which is critical for the analysis.

The following charts can be found in the Q&A standard report:

  • Stacked Bar Chart (pictured below)
  • Stacked Column Chart (pictured below)
  • Bar Chart
  • Distribution Chart
  • Table View (pictured below)

Redesign of required field notifications

This feature provides an update to the user experience for respondents taking an assessment. It enables respondents a way to easily identify which questions they may have missed and still need to answer. Respondents will now be sent directly to the first missing response and alerts will be displayed at each missed question.

Improvement to analytics performance

This feature provides additional performance optimizations to our engagement analytics. With this we were able to improve the load times of both standard and custom reports.

If you are interested in leveraging the 9Lenses platform for your next project or learning more about this functionality, we’d love to hear from you! Contact your primary 9Lenses point of contact or email us at support@9lenses.com to learn more.

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