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The Art of Business – Overview of Strategy Lens (Series of 9, Part IV)

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu  understood something about war that is frequently forgotten by those who have never waged it. If a military leader understood the battlefield, his enemy’s thinking, and the limits of his own resources, he would rarely lose. While business is a much less bloody affair than war, Sun Tzu still has some relevant advice:the more complete/organized the information, the better the strategy.

The Strategy lens organizes and examines a company’s go-to-market plan with precision. There is a ubiquitous amount of literature regarding the subject. Every good businessperson wants to know the winning strategy. Yet the best businessperson realizes that success is more of an art, less of a science.

When considering the general strategy, the executives of the company will examine broader goals. This concerns the broad vision of the organization. However, a good strategy will have an enormous range of practical steps as well as theoretical justifications. Pricing is helpful for understanding how the market will respond to the product. This harkens back to the market lens. In order to have a sound pricing plan, a company needs a sound understanding of the market.

While it might be exciting to go big, or go home, one must consider that limited resources hinder ambitions. Understanding these resources means gathering insight into the market lens, the people lens, and the finance lens. Thus, strategy is limited based on the assets available. The way businesses determine this limit is through crowdsourcing. The strength of the 9Lenses schema is that it makes crowdsourcing easy and cross-relatable.

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