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Measuring Madness – Overview of the Execution Lens (Series of 9, Part VI)

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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The Prussian military strategist, Moltke the Elder, once explained that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. The same goes for business strategies. Often, clear ideas become muddled when they are actually adopted. The Execution lens helps leaders craft, track and improve the steps that lead to successful strategic implementation.

Structurally, the Executions lens is divided into two categories:measurement and performance. When setting performance standards, it is not enough to set an arbitrary standard for measuring performance. The measurements must be based on realistic expectations and avoid incidental measurement incidental measurement. Why are these things being measured? Are they actually Key Performance Indicators or are there better indicators available? As to performance, consider the way the organization functions. If there is underperformance, it is important to consider why. Why does it not work well? What needs to be changed?

Execution is interrelated to the operations lens and strategy lens. Since execution requires a company to measure processes, it must have operations to measure. If there are problems in the operations lens, the executions lens will also pick up these errors. If the strategy is flawed, the execution lens might be measuring the KPIs well, but returning minimum results in terms of long-term success. Measuring performance is essential to understanding these problems. The execution lens operates as a litmus test for all the “processes” lenses to ensure that any business is operating as effectively as possible.

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