Power Your Assessment Workflows with One Cloud Platform

Centralized Platform to Host Your Assessments

All your assessments in one place. A centralized content library makes it easy to share content across your business while retaining version control. Assessment dashboards identify top performing content and highlight areas to improve questions and participation rates.

Configure your Assessment IP, Frameworks and Visualizations

Map assessments to proprietary frameworks or business models for more meaningful aggregate data analysis. Configure tailored dashboards with your look and feel for repeated use each time you run an assessment.

Data Collection & Integration

Survey interface captures quantitative and free-form data through 11 question types. Segment populations by demographic data and other dimensions to easily analyze across population groups. Integrate with HRIS systems for simpler survey administration or pull in multiple data sources for multi-faceted dashboards.

Real Time Analytics and Dashboards

Track engagement participation and results in real-time. Automated dashboards provide an intuitive, enterprise-wide view of your data and quick filters to analyze population segments. Questions are mapped to topics and frameworks for easy identification of themes across your dataset.

Automated Benchmarks & Measurement Over Time

Automatically aggregate your own benchmark with each assessment and measure improvement overtime through comparison reports. Connect insights across assessments that map to the same framework for a more holistic view of your business.

Connected Insights Across Assessments

Centralize client data over time and across assessments in one central, cloud-based platform to see a consolidated view of all assessment data and benchmarking.

Role-Based Data Access & Distribution

Control who sees what without the hassle of downloading and distributing individual reports. Manage data access across large populations and grant key stakeholders access to view and download interactive, presentation-ready dashboards. Ideal for assessment workflows that generate individual reports or enterprise assessments capturing data across multiple regional and functional areas.

Organizational Hierarchy

Upload your organizational hierarchy or integrate HRIS systems to map relationships for performance management or enterprise-wide assessments. Ideal for 180 or 360 feedback workflows or assessments that generate role and team based reports.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant

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