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Readers’ 25 Favorite Blog Posts in 2015

AnonymousBy Swetha Venkataramani 6 years ago
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Alright, so we published a lot in 2015! The 9Lenses team worked together to give our readers valuable blog posts on a range of topics around organizational intelligence, the consulting industry, people analytics, people insights for decision-making, strategy, and employee engagement. From SlideShares and videos to infographics, here’s a list of 25 of our readers’ favorite blog posts in 2015.

10 Reasons Your Client Retention Rate is Dropping

9Lenses is in the business of adding value to consultants, and in our quest to add value continually to the consulting industry, our first priority is to understand the pain points of our customers. This understanding helps us to better serve both our current and future customers…Read More

A Consultant’s Guide To A Winning Sales Pitch (Part 1)

According to Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, there are 49,195 businesses listed as management consultancies. If you add a similar code for Engineering, Accounting, Research and Management, then that is another 331,921 businesses or nearly 400,000 potential competitors that consultancies have to navigate!…Read More

15 Consulting Questions For Successful Client Discovery [Infographic]

Client discovery is one of the key stages of a management consulting engagement. During client discovery, the consultant dives below the client organization’s surface to gather details on the facts that the client has provided, test hypotheses, and probe deep into whatever problems the organization is facing…Read More

The Case for Executive Assimilation

As of today we have published a few posts on executive assimilation. Last week, for example, we wrote about the top challenge of executive assimilation. A few months ago, we published a case study around how a Fortune 200 executive used 9Lenses software to accelerate her assimilation… Read More

3 Reasons For the Rise of Internal Consulting

When a company leader determines the company needs a third party to analyze its operations or advise it around strategy, that leader frequently seeks out consultants to help. Whereas previously the go-to was an external consultant, recent trends have shown an uptick in internal consulting… Read More

Getting People Analytics Right with Digital Dialogue

Big data —yes, it is that term again—is here to stay. There is a change, however, in the way big data is now being discussed. People are no longer characterizing big data as the best thing to happen to the business world, and big data no longer sits on the pedestal it once did…Read More

The Top 5 Challenges Boutique Consulting Firms Face

Boutique consulting firms, or firms that operate within niche markets, are attractive to many in the consultant community. The more close-knit culture, focus, and flexibility they afford provide a welcome change to the hierarchy and bureaucracy of many larger firms. Yet boutique firms are not without challenges, as well… Read More

7 Consultant Best Practices for High Quality Client Deliverables

When you ask your manager, peer, or client for feedback, have you ever received a response that goes something like this:“This document looks good, but…?” The answer to this question is most likely a “Yes” since most of us have experienced this response at some point in our careers… Read More

Bringing People Analytics to the Boardroom

People analytics has taken center stage as businesses seek to leverage their greatest asset – employees – to gain a better understanding of their organizations and unlock the full value of organizational intelligence in ways never previously possible… Read More

Huge List of Consulting Tools [Infographic]

For decades, top consulting firms relied primarily on the following elements to provide value to their clients:relationships, talent, thought leadership, knowledge management, proprietary frameworks/methodologies, and experience (industry/function)… Read More

Consultant Turnover:Pros and Cons

Studies show that the consulting industry today faces a high turnover rate. On the face of it, it would seem that turnover is a looming problem for consulting firms. It certainly poses a number of challenges. At the same time, however, high consultant turnover does have some positive effects for the consulting industry… Read More

Engaging Stakeholders – What’s In It For Them?

A majority of businesses today are at fault for almost constantly talking about the importance of engaging stakeholders. There are umpteen presentations and articles that discuss why it is important to engage stakeholders, the myriad of ways to engage your employees, vendors, customer, clients, and so on… Read More

Asset-Based Consulting:Barriers & Benefits

We previously discussed the impending rise of asset-based consulting and what exactly it entails for consulting firms in today’s business climate. Given the impending disruption consultants face, it would seem as though every consulting firm should be jumping at the opportunity to adopt asset-based consulting… Read More

Consulting in a Flat World

As client work habits and offices adapt to a world that is becoming increasingly flat, consultants should rethink their own approaches to serving clients… Read More

Why Consultant Differentiation is So Difficult

Normally one would assume that as a company grows, its ability to set itself apart from the rest of the industry would grow proportionally. For the top consulting firms, however, it is a different story. Studies have shown that as a consulting firm grows, differentiation becomes increasingly difficult… Read More

Go Beyond Stakeholder Surveys and Traditional Interviews

Here’s one of the biggest challenge that business leaders and consultants face today:“How can I collect the most meaningful data from the greatest number of people?” The conventional way to gather data or insights is to conduct either surveys or face-to-face interviews… Read More

First 90 Days:The truth you need to know

How many times in your career have you heard the statement, “you are going to have to hit the ground running ”? Or at least heard variations of that statement? My guess is, you have heard it many times in your careers, and you may have used it, too… Read More

Why Every Professional Needs to be a Salesperson

In the early stages of my career, I used to get offended when people told me that I was a good salesman! I used to think of Vinny working customers at his used car lot and didn’t really want to associate myself with that particular persona. Maybe these compliments were backhanded at times, and at other times, maybe I mistook even genuine compliments to be backhanded… Read More

Drive an Effective Strategy with These Five Golden Gears

We are still in the first quarter of this year and your company, probably like a majority of other companies, may have chalked out its goals for the year ahead and might even have a strong strategy in place to go after these goals. This strategy hopefully acts like the gears of change that propel the company forward to meet the set goals… Read More

8 Things Top Consulting Firms Do Differently

Each year, Vault.com releases its ranking of the Top Consulting Firms, known as the Vault Consulting 50. This annual ranking asks current consultants to rate their perceptions of industry peers as well as their own firm on various metrics such as prestige, culture, and work-life balance… Read More

Leadership Skills – Is Fear Management on the List?

When it comes to leadership skills, fear management is an essential skill for success that nobody talks about, but every professional needs to master. To introduce the subject of fear management in a way that most of us can relate to, let me begin with a quote from a popular holiday movie, Home Alone Read More

3 Reasons Why Consultants should Focus on Return on Knowledge for their Clients

Talk to anyone in the business world about measuring results, and chances are that most answers will start with the word “return”. Depending on whom you ask, the answers can range from Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Capital, or for some in more leisure-driven industries, it could be Return on Life (ROL)… Read More

Disruption in Consulting:Strike First

Google “consulting” and one of the first articles that will come up is the Harvard Business Review’s “Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption.” Dig a little deeper and you will find a host of articles and blog posts discussing the imminent disruption of the consulting industry… Read More

Teamsourcing For Successful Strategic Execution [SlideShare]

Ever wondered what the secret sauce for successful strategic execution is? We are here to tell you that unique and actionable insights from people who are actually responsible for execution is exactly what you need for strategic execution… Read More

CRM Rollout:Five Must Ask Questions

The purpose of a CRM system is to foster the creation and preservation of meaningful and lasting customer relationships. CRM systems track historical customer details that will help businesses tailor solutions to fit the exact needs of a customer, and they can help employees understand how to best communicate with particular customers… Read More

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