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Our Users are Riding the Social Wave

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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9Lenses users are riding the social wave! Friends, I have great news. The 9Lenses team just received word that you are not merely ahead of the curve, you are the curve! According to IBM’s recent study of 1700 CEOs entitled, “Leading Through Connections,” successful CEO’s are a force of empowerment, engagement, and amplification in their organizations. In short, they maximize collaboration.

One of the IBM study’s key recommendations was to “Provide the means to collaborate at scale,” which they say is best done through collaboration technologies, incentives for collaboration, and re-imagination of the employee suggestion box.

That is exactly what you did through the 9Lenses. You have already used a 9Lenses Baseline to discover the state of your business. This move empowered your people to offer their perceptions of your company’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for excellence.  You were able to harness that socially inspired data to improve your organization.

The 9Lenses team understands what it takes to become an effective “Social CEO.” We created the 9Lenses framework, tools, and apps to help simplify the complex and stem information overload so that you can empower your people to provide strategic insights. Setting your baseline is just the beginning of the deep dives, continuous measurements, and optimization workflows that will embed innovation at every level (every Lens) of your organization.

IBM’s study found that only 16% of CEOs use social media. In five years, that will have more than tripled to 57%. You are among the early adopters of what is coming—you have already taken a key step. The question you have to ask now is:are you willing to continue to lead in ways that empower your organization to conquer ambiguity, innovate, and accelerate social collaboration? Are you a long-term Social CEO?

At 9Lenses we’re ready and excited to partner alongside you. As we develop new technologies to harness the power of people, we will keep you informed. If you see ways we can improve, please let us know. We want our partnership to become a friendship and that requires intentional investment. Together we can all improve, adapt, and collaborate.

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