Create Interactive Assessments to Engage Prospects and Drive More Business

Deliver Personalized Insights and Value to Your Prospects

Prospects take your assessment and are immediately sent their personalized Scorecard.

  • Receive instant insights into their business challenges
  • Provide personalized recommendations
  • Establishes your credibility as a trusted advisor
  • Increase their desire & curiosity to learn more

Enable Your Sales Team to Have Value-Adding Conversations

Provide your Sales team with access to each prospect’s Scorecard to generate pipeline.

  • Identify qualified prospects that want to learn more
  • Account-based insights enable sales reps to tailor conversations to add value & accelerate the sales cycle
  • Increase your close rate with high-value sales process built on trust
  • Enable the sales team with a customized playbook to have successful conversations with each prospect


Take the assessment to find out if you’re an analytics leader or laggard.

In an effort to help you understand how the solution works we’ve created a live demo that will allow you to experience it for yourself.  Click here to take our short assessment:  Are you and Analytics Leader or Laggard?

The Analytics Leader vs Laggard Assessment will provide insights into your use of data and analytics in decision making, while at the same time, help you experience 9Lenses Engage. As you take the assessment, think about how you would alter the theme and questions to reinforce your messaging and compliment your sales and marketing efforts.

• 8 questions
• Takes 2 minutes or less
• Automated scorecard with benchmarking and
recommendations sent directly to your email

9Lenses Technology is Powering Sales & Marketing Automation

1) Prospect visits your site
or recieves assessment
from sales rep.

2) Prospect completes
the assessment online.

3) Prospect immediately
receives Personalized

4) Sales team is
automatically notified of
qualified lead.

5) First sales interaction
can focus on the results,
challenges and potential

Promote Your Assessment Across Sales & Marketing Channels


  • Drive traffic to high-conversion landing pages
  • Promote on social media
  • Leverage in email campaigns
  • Pair with content to increase conversions


  • Leverage with sales-generated leads
  • Send with outbound prospecting efforts
  • Share with existing clients to introduce new products or services


The Pedowitz Group increases Sales Ready leads 62% by using Engage Assessment powered by 9Lenses

Using the 9Lenses platform, TPG digitized its Revenue Marketing framework so customers could quickly take the assessment online and immediately receive the results with insights on how to improve. An automated scorecard was configured within 9Lenses to show each prospect its score and how it compares to TPG’s benchmarks.

Read how they adopted the 9Lenses Platform to improve their own internal lead quality and increase win rates for their sales reps. Click here to read the case study.

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