Services That Help You Deliver Your Business Outcomes

Digitize Your Assessment Workflow

9Lenses’ Solutions team can take your manual workflow and make it digital & automated—all in the cloud. We have a proven process to digitize your workflow including the assessment questions, scoring, automated dashboards, benchmarks, and integrations.

Expertise to Develop or Improve Your Assessments

Need help developing scientifically valid questions or designing an automated dashboard with benchmarks? No Problem! We have the experts to guide you to the right business outcomes.

Assessment Administration & Management

Delivering a 200 person skills assessment or a 100,000 person employee engagement requires strong program management and execution. 9Lenses has the team to lead these initiatives and can recommend best practices for everything from corporate communication to results interpretation.

Global Technical Support

9Lenses has a global team of technical support technicians that are able to support assessment workflows across the globe.

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